Tom:  He’s the guy I’m married to.  A great Father and Husband who spoils me rotten.   I joke that he has more estrogen in him than I do because he is very sensitive and sentimental.  Me? not so much.

Michael:  My oldest son.  He is almost always happy. It takes a great deal of crap to get him down.  This attitude serves him well living among the chaos that often permeates our household. Michael will be a senior in HS next year. He is gainfully employed, plays electric guitar and loves to skateboard. Did I mention that he drives too fast?

Emondre:  My middle son.  Sensitive, caring and always moving.   Emondre joined our family through adoption.  Adolescence has hit this kid with a vengeance.  At the age of 15 he is very particular about his appearance.  His passion is BMX riding.   A glass of wine and reciting the serenity prayer are the tools that allow me to wake up each morning and continue to parent this child.

Patrick:  My youngest son.  Pumpkin has been  his nickname since he was a baby.   People would comment “He is really growing into his head.”  Patrick is the jock in the family. He has played football, wrestled and run track for the past two years. He is skilled in martial arts and is one test away from his black belt.  Tom says that I coddle him too much and will stunt his growth as a result.  I am willing to take that chance.