head shotMy name is Mary and I live in St. Paul Minnesota with my husband and three teenage boys. I caught the blogging bug several years ago and have been hooked ever since.

On parenthood: I am madly in love with my children, but need my own space.  When my kids were little I never went to a playground without a good book.  Children’s museums bore me. I was thrilled when my kids finally aged out and I no longer had to feel guilty about not bringing them there.  I  have never hosted a kid’s birthday party with a theme and do  not regret not having done so. I long to be an empty nester and living in a warm climate 5 months out of the year.

On career: I have worked as a social worker for most of the past 20 years with a five year hiatus during which I ran an in-home daycare and lived to tell about it.  I recently completed my masters in clinical social work. I work full time at a dialysis clinic. I also work part-time as a mental health therapist

On family: My two sisters are my best friends.  We share everything and I cannot bear to think of what I would do without them.  My father just turned 90 and lives in a nursing home.  My dad once referred to my sisters and I as the “three bitches.”  Our bitchiness has served him well, because we keep the nursing home staff on their toes.

On adoption: We adopted our middle son,”E”, through the MN Waiting Children’s Program 10 years ago.  We rely on faith, humor, adoption competent mental health professionals and my family to get us through the struggles inherent in parenting our very special, yet very fragile child.  When I am feeling at my most defeated and vulnerable I remember a quote that my sister gave me. It is one  that I have carried with me daily for the past several years.  It reads: ” God does not call the qualified, he qualifies the called.” -author unknown.

On blogging: I write about my struggles, celebrations or subjects that I feel strongly about.  I welcome comments and would love to chat with you if you read a post  that is particularly interesting to you.  Feel free to share my blog address with others.

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