the weigh in

My sister received a call from Dad’s hospice nurse last week informing her that dad had gained 3lbs. We knew when dad was initiated on hospice that any significant weight gain could jeopardize his eligibility. In the world of hospice, 3lbs is significant.

As I have written in previous posts, dad has the Cadillac of wheelchairs, paid for by his hospice benefit.  The “Broda” chair retails for $3258.00. The hospice provider rents the chair for $7.95 per day. Our plan is to take on the rental cost if hospice services stop. It kills me that I could lease a nice car for less than it costs to provide safe and comfortable seating for my dad. I am in the wrong business.

I saw dad during lunch today.  He looked great and ate quite a bit  The official weigh in, which will determine if his services will be continued, is scheduled for tomorrow. Given his appetite today, I hope that it takes place before breakfast.

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