a sweet reunion

ImageMy father’s sister has lived in her home town of Detroit Lakes MN her entire life. She has lived her life as a single fervently independent woman for all of her 86 years. As a child, I would often stay at her apartment when my family would travel to DL to see my paternal grandparents, Aunts and Uncles.

Beginning in high school, I would travel with my sisters to DL to spend time with Aunt Marcy and to visit my grandmother in the nursing home where she resided. The occasional trips became more regular as my Aunt aged. During the past year falls and other medical issues had created a pattern of hospitalizations and subsequent stays at transitional care centers. Marcy’s decreased independence resulted in increasing isolation from friends. She no longer attended church or shopping independently.

On multiple occasions, we urged Marcy to move to St. Paul where she would be closer to family. We never imagined that one day she would say “Yes.” That day came and she is now safely ensconced in a room at the same care center as my dad.

The reunion between she and my dad was bittersweet. Though we had prepared her with information on my dad’s deterioration, she was still shocked and saddened. Though initially reluctant to spend time with dad alone, each day she is becoming more comfortable. The hospice team that works with him has been wonderful about extending their support and ministry to Marcy.

We are thrilled to have Marcy with us at last. Though she misses having her own apartment, she enjoys the daily contact with her brother, frequent visits from her favorite nieces and Sunday dinners at our homes. Today we will take in an Irish concert at the care center, followed by dinner at my house. Home is where the heart of family is (and tator tot hotdish of course). Welcome home Marcy.


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