crashed and burned

How is your summer going?  Well, since you asked,  youngest was brought home by the park police tonight. He was found trespassing at the old XCEL energy plant down off of Shepard Rd. Just for the record, we are in the first week of summer vacation. We have 9 1/2 left to go. The irony is that last evening during supper, Tom asked him about a text from a friend that referred to “the factory.”  After youngest explained what and where it was, Tom told him that he was not to go down there. Tom emphasized that he would be trespassing and breaking the law.

After the officer left, well needless to say, Tom went off.  Hell, I almost wet myself and I wasn’t guilty of anything.  Youngest took a step back after Tom kicked the garage door shut then proceeded to tell youngest his behavior was equivalent to telling Tom to F–k off.  After youngest went to his room, Tom and I discussed consequences.  Youngest is grounded for one week. He will spend part of that week volunteering at my work and the remainder will be spent deep cleaning the house. Community service imposed by judge Morrison is lighter than the alternative I’m sure.

In addition, youngest will have tighter geographical boundaries and will need to account for his whereabouts and the company that he is with.  Something tells me that this isn’t going to be the last time that  youngest makes the wrong decision.

What scares me the most is that when I asked him if he had thought about what Tom had said last night before going there  he said “not really.” I told him that I was scared to death; and that the next four years are going to be filled with opportunities to make the right choice or the wrong choice. What is a parent to do except pray that their child’s good choices outnumber the bad ones.

How is your summer going?

3 thoughts on “crashed and burned

  1. Ugh. At what point does the knot in a patent’s gut go away?? They’re always free to hang here, if needed…

  2. As my mom would say (about me in particular)….some just have to learn the hard way. He’s fortunate to have such good parents!

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