what now?

Three years ago I started graduate school.  Graduation seemed very far off at that time, and there were days when I doubted my ability to meet all of the requirements.  I was awarded my master of social work last weekend at St. Catherine University.  Now the question of what to do with the rest of my life lingers.

I like my current job, but experience a great deal of frustration related to care issues that I cannot control.  The job does not make use of the clinical knowledge and skills that I acquired during the past 3 years. Despite this fact, I am very well compensated both hourly and in the form of commissions.  Should I stay or should I go, is the question that has plagued me over the past few weeks. 

I am a strong believer that God places opportunities in our path at just the right time. That  being said, I have decided that I will apply for jobs that interest me while remaining thankful for the attributes of my current job that work well for my life right now. If I am meant to move on, the right offer will come along.

On another topic, with no homework lingering, I have turned my attention to my yard. I was at Highland Nursery the other evening and I happened to glance up from the counter. Above me were hanging the most breathtaking bird feeders that I had ever seen.  I asked the cashier to check the price, strongly believing that they would be upwards of $50.  Well to my great surprise the one that most captivated me was under $30. So this cheapskate decided to purchase it, because the mere sight of it gave me so much joy.  It is currently hanging from a shepard’s hook in my garden.  Enjoy!



Did I mention that it is a frog!


2 thoughts on “what now?

  1. I have no suggestion as to what you should do because you already have the correct answer….apply elsewhere and God will open the door that’s meant for you to enter! Sit back and see where he takes you….. The lady (pink) frog is adorable!

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