extreme home makeover? nope just a facelift

Today began the first phase of our kitchen face lift.  It is a facelift versus a remodel because we are not making any structural changes.  My kitchen has a lot of positive aspect.  Number 1 on the list would be its size. I have ample counter space for food prep and plenty of cupboards.  There is a large eat in area as well as a built in desk with cabinets above.

The downside is that the previous owners had not changed anything since the 70’s. A light gold was the color of the counters and the large garish cupboard pulls were smack dab in the middle of each door.

In an effort to make the facelift as economical as possible we went with laminate counters.  Today’s laminate comes in multiple colors and patterns. The pattern we chose could be mistaken for granite until you get up close. Tom installed the new counter tops today along with a beautiful cast iron sink in bisque. The homework counters will be recovered versus replaced. We have a sheet of matching laminate in the garage waiting for my brother-in-law to tackle the job.

We ordered new cabinet doors. We had a stain specially mixed to match.  Not wanting to replace the doors in the homework area, I went with a shape that will compliment the current doors.

Lastly we purchased new hardware.  The doors will not come in until the end of April. I am hoping to have the kitchen done by the time of my graduation.

Some pics below. Unfortunately, I didn’t snap a picture of the ugly counters before Tom ripped them out.


2 thoughts on “extreme home makeover? nope just a facelift

  1. Love the sink & counter tops. The doors will really finish it off nicely. How fun! Glad to see a new blog, too!

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