what do we seek

“Give yourself permission to actually be where you are, and to be so in the presence of God.” This quote was taken from the blog by Emily Freeman, Chatting at the Sky, A Place For Your Soul to Breathe.  Emily asked her readers to meditate on the question:  “What is it that you truly seek?” This was my response.

I am in graduate school to obtain my masters degree in social work. I wanted more than my bachelors degree would allow, some sort of super social work job.Graduation is fast approaching and yet I find myself content in the job that I have. I work in a memory care and my days are spent making connections with people with Alzheimer’s disease.Five minutes spent 1:1 can make all the difference in the world for someone with dementia. The distraught man who believed that his glasses had been stolen was able to relax when I found them wrapped in a pair of pants underneath his pillow.

I spent time today massaging the hands of a woman confused and distraught, sorting blocks with a man incapable of a participating in a higher level task and feeding a woman that is dependent on others for nourishment. That same woman gripped my hand and pleaded “Don’t leave me.” Connection with others, isn’t that what we all seek?


One thought on “what do we seek

  1. I think you might have come to the realization this is where God wants you to be now and that’s why you’re feeling contentment. Education is never wasted and God only knows what he’s got in store for it to be used in the future.

    Now I need to reflect on what I truly seek!!!

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