over the river and through the woods…..Not!

We set off on the eve of Thanksgiving on our usual route to Omaha. We were looking forward to a long weekend with Tom’s family.  Our plans were derailed by a doe that was out for a leisurely stroll across Hwy 60 in Worthington MN.  Tom saw the doe at the last minute, but despite slamming on the breaks, we hit her head on.  Our vehicle was essentially disabled but we managed to drive 1/4 mile to a travel center facing the Hwy.  It was only after piling out of the van and watching the radiator fluid pour onto the parking lot that we fully comprehended our predicament.

For those of you that have never been to Worthington, the entire town smells like a slaughter house.  It became clear that we would be spending the night in this town and the foul smell did nothing to help us feel welcome. A not so quick call to Allstate Insurance and some calling around to rental car establishments established that we would not be getting to Omaha.

After being robbed by the taxi driver of $17 for the 2 miles that we were drive we arrived at the Days Inn. Luckily there was room at the inn.  I suspect that there is not a lot of demand for hotel space in such a small stinky town. We hauled our belongings into the hotel room and took a few moments to count our blessings that we were all safe; and that we had the means to secure shelter for the night.

The next day our loving nephew/Godson, Andrew arrived to deliver us safely back to St. Paul where a great meal and lots of family awaited.  Though I felt bad that we were benefiting from the multiple hours that my sisters spent in the kitchen; I got over it quickly.

Our van is currently sitting in a tow yard in Worthington. The insurance adjustor inspected the van today and gave Tom a brief rundown of the damage. Once his report is complete, it will be forwarded to the underwriters for a decision regarding its fate.  We are hoping that they total it. At this point we are looking at replacing 2 radiators, all of the hoses going to the transmission, fans, hood, front bumper and headlight and who knows what else. Time will tell.

As for our trip to Omaha, it looks like we will make it down for New Years weekend.  This time I think we’ll go down in the light of day.


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