a blog holiday

School resumed for me today.  This is my 3rd and final year and with it comes a mountain of work.  I have begun the literature review for my independent research paper. The completion of this paper will consume much of the next 9 months of my life. Add to that 16 hours per week of clinical internship work and 22 hours per week of paid work equals my being stretched to my limit.

As a result,  I don’t think that it is likely that I will find myself contributing much to this site over the next few months. I am trying to manage this academic years work load by breaking it down into manageable segments.  I will be coming up for air again in late October/early November after my research proposal has been submitted for IRB approval.  I hope to contribute a nugget or two within that time frame if something moves me.

I have discovered a blog which I am loving and which is teaching me to trust God to get me through the trials in my life even those that I created ie. school, adoption.  Copy and paste the address below and check it out.



One thought on “a blog holiday

  1. Gonna miss your musings. Maybe I could talk to one of your professors….a boss or two and see if I could get them to lighten things up for you! You’ve got a lot on your plate and you’re wise enough to know you have to cut back in areas that are not essential. It’ll all be worth it come spring!

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