the cruise

Today I boarded a tour boat on Lake Minnetonka for  a 3 hour cruise compliments of my employer.  The cruise was held over our heads since early summer as  reward for reaching occupancy goals in the rental units owned by the company.  Though most people would give their right arm to take 3 hours out of their work day and relax on a lake cruise I was not so excited.

I have never been a huge fan of boats in general.  The fact that I would be “trapped” for 3 hours with no out served to increase my pre-cruise anxiety.  Though I am not prone to motion sickness, I prepared by throwing some maalox in my purse. I also tucked away an Ativan to take  in the event that I felt the walls closing in on me.

I can say that I was pleasantly surprised by my ability to enjoy myself.  It helped that the boat was not crowded.  The open bar didn’t hurt either.  I can say that I would have enjoyed myself as much sitting at a lakeside restaurant that was not moving underneath me, but I can add the cruise to my list of proof that I didn’t let the summer of 2011 get away from me.

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