trying not to freak out

As we get further into the month of August, I have spent more time thinking about what will be on my plate starting September.  I have spent a good deal of time this summer reviewing the research literature on the topic that I have chosen for my clinical research paper.  I have read at least 100 research abstracts of which only about 8 relate enough to my topic to be of use to me.

I have completed my orientation at the hospital where I will do my clinical internship.  Beginning the week of August 29th I will spend two  days per week working on the adult behavioral health unit. I am excited for the challenges that await me, but also nervous as I will be facilitating group therapy sessions for the first time in my career.  My husband offered reassurance by saying  “They (patients) don’t know what you don’t know.” So I will “Fake it until I make it.”  God help my poor guinea pigs.

The other 3 days of the week will be spent at my current job.  My boss is allowing me to go from  32 hours per week down to roughly 20 hours per week.  This has been a great blessing as I know other students who have been  forced to quit their jobs and take part-time positions that pay a lot less.

I have been saving money like crazy this summer in an effort to manage any unforeseen expenses that arise while my income is significantly diminished.  I know the best laid plans can come back to bite us in the ass, but I’m choosing to be optimistic.

Despite the tremendous amount of work that I will need to accomplish between Sept and May, I am excited to begin the semester. My first pass through the bookstore always makes me giddy.  I will also be purchasing a new laptop. My refurbished one was $250 and has served me well during the first two years of my degree program, however, I need something more reliable and with a battery life to insure that I have access at all times to my research.

So I will wind down the summer by reading a couple more books just for fun and enjoying my free time while I can.  I will thank my husband in advance for all of the work that he will be doing while I play the slacker wife for one more year.  Come May I will be gearing up for the job hunt and doing my share of the dishes again.


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