summer almost got away

Yes, I hate to admit it but I almost let summer get away.  At the beginning of each summer, I tell myself that I will go to the farmers market, take in some outdoor concerts and spend evenings sitting outside.  As fall approaches I usually must face the realization that I did very little of the things on my list.

As the boys have gotten older it has become harder to find activities that appeal to everyone.  Most evenings, they all go in different directions to meet their respective friends.  Most of my evenings have been spent devouring as many novels as I can before school resumes and I must say goodbye to leisure time. The overwhelming heat that has been almost a constant since July began has not served to encourage me to get outdoors.

About a week ago, my sister and her husband braved the elements and rode their bikes into Mpls in an attempt to hear a bit of the U2 concert.  Afterward they stopped by our house.  Hearing their description of the great view from the mega tron, the crisp sound of the lyrics and the excitement of the crowd around them made me wish I had been there.  Later on that night I made the decision that this summer would not pass me by.

Thursday evening Tom, Emondre and I attended the summer concert series in Mears park located in downtown St. Paul.  It was a beautiful evening to spend outside.  The three of us sat on a concrete wall and listened to two different local bands.  The eclectic crowd around us made for great people watching and a cold beer from a nearby vendor was the icing on the cake.  E who had been less than pleased when he heard the plans for the night ended up having a great time.  He brought his skateboard and found some great sidewalks on the outskirts of the park to ride on.

This morning after church I made my way to the farmers market.  I left with some great vegies and a beautiful bouquet of flowers.  We are planning on hitting Mears park again on Thursday evening.  I’m hoping for as lovely an evening as we had last week. Want to join us?

One thought on “summer almost got away

  1. Good for you Mary !!! Glad to hear your summer story.I enjoy every minute of the summer.It is so hard for me to believe that the Minnesota State Fair is just 4 weeks away.I always make it 3 different times to the fair since I love it so much !!!! I love the people watching,music shows,creative arts building and so much more.The best part of summer is I don’t have to wear socks or those heavy boots !!!! See you soon and enjoy the rest of your summer !!!! Amy K.

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