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Well I survived the family vacation to Ely.  To call the place that we stayed a cabin would not be doing it justice.  We were in a lovely log home complete with hardwood floors and knotty pine covering the entire interior.  The kitchen was spacious and included a dishwasher. The log dining table sat 10 comfortably.  The home was tucked back into the woods which provided a great deal of privacy and most importantly protected our fellow resort guests from hearing the occasional “fuck you” and other priceless comments from the mouth of my dearest child.   There was a private fire ring surrounded by Adirondack chairs and  a log bench swing.  Our dock was also private.

Each kid had their own bed and each couple had their own bedroom.  The 3 bathrooms quickly became designated as boys, girls and adult.  You couldn’t pay me enough to clean that boys bathroom at weeks end. About midweek we realized that both the children and the parents were better behaved than in years past when each family had their own cabin.  I believe that the children were spurred to better behavior by peer pressure and an abundance of adult authority figures.  As for the parents behavior?  The gin, brandy and beer sure didn’t hurt.

The week was broken up somewhat by a 2 night  trip into the BWCA that included  my husband, 4 kids  and my  2 brothers-in-law.  A fun time was had by all. The kids carried their weight by paddling and carrying Duluth packs during the portages and as a result stood a little taller upon their return.

The subject of reserving for the same week next year came up during checkout. The  resort  will hold the reservation for one week and then open the week up to the public.  I loved being in that setting with my family however the stimulation and close quarters began to take its toll on me by Wednesday.  I also think that the kids were beginning to feel the stress  of sharing a bedroom with 3 other people and running out of ways to amuse themselves and each other.  Too much family time can backfire sometimes.  It is difficult to make a decision one full year in advance.  That being said, the location was ideal for our families.  Hmmm.


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