the notice

The notice came in the mail on Thursday notifying Tom that as of July 1st, he will be laid off.  I think that it would have been more appropriate to issue the notices to the MN legislators.  They are the persons who spent their spring session debating the merits of a constitutional ban on same sex marriages instead of coming up with a budget that would meet the criteria set by the Governor.

Tom’s job may be deemed essential by virtue of the fact that he works in a correctional facility.  It is however, conceivable that only corrections officers and food service staff would be called back.  Time will tell. Hell maybe our elected officials will actually get their shit together between now and June 30th and come up with a budget compromise.

On the bright side is the fact that due to Tom’s length of employment, we will continue to have the employer  portion of our health insurance paid by the state.  This fact will make it easier to get through the shut down without dipping into our savings.  Also,  April and May were good leasing months at the memory care where I work which earned me very healthy commissions.  I had hoped to use that money to off set my increased tuition costs for this fall, but I may need to rethink that plan.

Despite Tom’s precarious work status our  vacation planned for the last week in June will go on as scheduled.  We would lose out on a 50% deposit not to mention a great time if we  backed out now.  I also promised the kids a summer pass at the nearby water park.  I will follow through on this expense because having my kids spend the summer away from my house is priceless.

So as summer begins I will attempt to retain my sanity by reciting the serenity prayer and  renewing my yoga practice.  I may even go back to the meditation that I dabbled in earlier this year.  Namaste.

P. S. Since I have never been too proud to admit that a good drink provides its own kind of Zen, I found this fabulous summer drink recipe on a blog that I follow. I had never heard of “Dry” brand soda before.  According to the manufacturer’s website, it is available at Mississippi Market. The fixings for this drink will be on my packing list for the week at the lake for sure.

2 oz Vodka
1 oz Grand Marnier
.25 to .5 oz lemon juice
Sugar syrup to taste if desired
Dry Blood Orange Soda

Mix the vodka, Grand Marnier and lemon juice on ice, then top with Dry Blood Orange Soda. You might get away with an orange flavored soda water in this drink but the flavor might not come through as well. Lots of ice! Be prepared, one of these drinks will not be enough. Enjoy!


3 thoughts on “the notice

  1. Tom and Mary:

    I am so sorry to hear about the job loss. What a hit in the stomach. We will keep you in our prayers. Please tell Michael that he must suffer with my own children in having the Godmother of the year as his Godmother. His birthday card is right here waiting for him. I promise to get it in the mail this week. My disorganization does not mean that I love him any less.

  2. I am betting that the proposed government shutdown does not become a reality for those individuals whose livlihood depends upon providing necessary services to this state. And if it does, I agree with your statement that it is the legislators who need to receive “pink slips” in their fancy mailboxes. Is that not what they are paid for, to make sure the government provides the necessary services to its citizens??? I do not work for the state, however, I am sick and tired of this politcial immaturity amongst those whom we elect to serve their constituents.Maybe we could spend less time taking pictures of our private parts and attend to the business at hand? I think I am gonna make that drink recipe right now and continue drinking until a compromise has been reached…..!!!!! The problem may not be solved and a compromise not reached, but I am doubtful that I will give a damn…..!!!

    P.S. Sorry about the flag, but it REALLY looks beter in MY yard….!!!!

    P.S.S. Our next meeting is July 23rd. We have not picked a meeting place as of yet? Any thoughts?

  3. God Connie you are such a hoot!! I love the idea of drinking until a compromise is reached. We are going on vacation up North from June25-July2nd, so I will at least be distracted from any last minute worrying. It’s all good and God provides.

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