wanted: the return of my flag

The other day when I was shopping at Walmart, I couldn’t resist picking up a garden flag and holder.  I was immediately  taken by the floral patterned flag with the bright purple and lavender flowers.   After I planted the pole with the flag attached into the ground I stepped back and was struck by how the colors in the flag seemed to make the other colors in my garden pop.

This evening when I was watering my garden I noticed that the flag was gone. The pole was still stuck tightly into the soil, but the flag itself had vanished.  I immediately assumed that the wind had taken it.   A quick look around the yard including the egress window well turned up nothing.  As I looked more closely at the flag pole I realized that the upward curve of the end would make it almost impossible for the flag to have flown away.

Could someone really have walked through my front gate into my yard in plain sight of a busy street and stolen a $7 flag?  I am disappointed and perplexed at the same time.  I would have loved to post a picture of the flag, but I had taken the pics of my garden prior to the purchase.  I plan on making a quick run to the store Tuesday Morning to look around for a replacement.  I doubt that I will find a flag equally beautiful, but it is worth a try.

I am once again this year getting mixed results from my Cana Lily bulbs.  I replanted them at the same time last month and only two are showing any significant sprouting.  They seem to be a popular and hardy plant to bring back every year, but I am having poor luck for the 3rd year in a row.  My plan is to hit up my neighbor again in the fall to replentish my supply of bulbs. I will then plant them in the house in the spring so that I have something more substantial to put into the ground. Below is a pic of the end result of a well tended Cana Lily.


One thought on “wanted: the return of my flag

  1. I had one of those small flag pole & flags in the ground during a very windy winter day and to my surprise the wind did continue to whip it to the point it blew off the pole. Plus, who’d steal anything in our prestigious West 7th!!!

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