my yard

For the first time in a long time, I actually am loving my yard. When we bought the house 7 years ago, the back yard was comprised of concrete slabs. Since that time the yard has been transformed from daycare playground to a family friendly area. Last summer we (Tom and his friend Jeff) poured new back sidewalks saying goodbye to the last remnants of the concrete slabs. With donations of perennials from friends and a hefty investment of my own funds, I have worked to make my small city lot something that my family (I) can enjoy.

4 thoughts on “my yard

  1. It looks very inviting…… I would sure enjoy sitting in your yard sipping a cool one waiting for the burgers and brats to get done with the whirls of the city surrounding me….. But then again, I am partial to city living…… You done good, girl….!!!!

  2. You yard does look great…in both the photos and on a drive by. What happened to your boys as I see so many girls around your new trampoline?

  3. The girls are cousins. We had my dad’s 89th birthday party here this past Saturday. Word on the street is that the Morrison family has a trampoline. Little peace and quiet in my yard when there is a group of kids trying to see how many flips they can do in a row.

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