comment or not

One of the most affirming events for a blogger is to log on and see that someone has commented on a post.  Comments communicate interest and suggest that the post was meaningful in some way to the reader.  Is my sharing of this phenomenon a shameless plea for attention or comments?  Not necessarily.

The reasons that I blog are many.  I use this venue to spill out the angst that I often (daily) feel as the parent of a child with unique needs.  I also write about subjects that interest me or an event that was meaningful to me in some way, (kid, not mine, puking in my van the day before a road trip ring any bells?)  My blog is a public journal that reflects my current experience.  It is not meant to shock or illicit pity from readers.  It is who I am.

Know that if you do leave a comment I will read it with interest and probably respond back to you.  I am open to criticism and am not afraid to be told that I whine and/or preach too much.  Here is hoping to hear from some of you, or not.

One thought on “comment or not

  1. Love reading your blog entries. I can actually hear your voice telling me the story as I read it!

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