productive weekend

Prior to this weekend, every time I walked past the book shelves in the dining room I cringed.  Each of the 3 shelves were packed full with books.  There was no rhyme or reason to the way they were organized.  The shelves were so full that I had books laying on top of other books.  Well, yesterday I was  looking for any excuse not to do homework on a Saturday morning, I dug into the task of organizing.  When I was through, I had 3 grocery bags full of books to give to Goodwill.  My shelves were transformed from unsightly to pleasant.

I wish that I had thought to take a before photo.

On another positive note, Patrick completed his history day board.  I am so relieved.  It has been the black cloud above my head for the past 2 weeks.  Considering he is only in 7th grade, the project was a tremendous amount of work.  I don’t believe that I have ever spent this much time assisting him or my other boys with a school project.  Again, this seems to be the trend in education.

E is off of Facebook indefinitely.  It was an experiment that in actuality lasted longer than I ever expected.  The last straw was a back and forth that he got into yesterday with a girl from his school.  He made disparaging remarks to her and she threatened to “kick his A_ _.  The kids that he has been communicating with up until now just are not the element that he needs to be associating with. E’s mouth is what always gets him into trouble.  Facebook allows for his words to harm without the immediate consequence that results from similar behavior at school or at home.

My other two boys don’t spend nearly as much time on FB and when they do, their communications are appropriate.  A week off of the computer about 6 months back taught Patrick a lesson has been the only reminder that Patrick needed to watch his language when chatting with friends.

Patrick gets his braces off tomorrow.  He decided to cut his hair short to compliment the new facial feature that he will be sporting.  I like his new doo.  When I suggested to Michael that he might want to do the same, he told me that he had been thinking of getting his hair layered a “thinned a bit.”  That might be the most I can hope for.

This is it.  He thinks that he will experiment with gel tomorrow to give it some height.  Everyday he looks more like his dad.

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