really? i can’t take 5 days off?

I admit that I hadn’t looked at the parent portal for my kids schools in over 5 days.  I took a break from my own homework tonight to take a peek at homework assignments on the portal.  Patrick missing:   one Spanish, 3 history and one science.  He told me that he had put the spanish assignment in his pocket.  He was required to read it to me and then have me sign off that he did it.  A quick rummage through the laundry room trash can and it was recovered.  I found the science worksheet in his backpack. It took him 10 minutes to complete.  He is now working on his chapter notes for history.  Three assignments down and 2 to go.  I will let him complete those tomorrow night.  Don’t even get me started on the history day display board that is due on Monday.

Obviously I can’t take my eye off of the ball.  Note to readers, I did not at any time raise my voice to this very bright but highly unorganized 13 year old.

I will now retreat into the basement to practice yoga.  It may be the only thing that has kept me sane these past few months.


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