you can’t go back

Our circumstances in life are tenuous at best.  A friend from church asked for prayers for her neice who had lost her husband in a snowmobiling accident this past weekend.  A quick trip out to visit some horse stables on Sunday resulted in a complicated leg surgery and 6 weeks of rehab for my sister.  Life changes in an instant.  One minute you are cruising along and the next, your life is changed in a way that you never could have imagined.

When these things happen the obvious question that comes to mind is why.  Tonight I began a class titled “The spiritual dimension of social work practice.”  I define spirituality as the lens through which we see and make sense of the world and our presence within it.  For me I have always clung to the belief that God’s world is an ordered one.  Nothing happens unless it is supposed to.  This is not an easy pill to swallow when senseless events occur.

I visited my sister in the hospital tonight.  A young mother will bury her husband in the next couple of days.  These events remind me that my life situation is tenuous at best.  Expect the unexpected.  My injured sister has a very strong faith.  Lent has always been her favorite part of the liturgical year. She enjoys the meditative aspects of the season. My wish for her that her personal suffering brings her closer to God and enriches the Lenten experience.  She may however, wish to trade  the intimacy with her divine creator for some Vicodin.

My other sister, Cathy is organizing meals for my sister.  She had heard about a great website, similar in some ways to The Caring Bridge, but is designed to allow friends to log on and sign up to bring meals, shuttle kids, run errands etc.  You can reach the site by entering  There are simple steps to follow in order to create a calendar.

I logged on this afternoon to try it out.  My sister will need meals 3x per week to feed 7 people.  All I had to do was click on the day that I would be providing the meal. By entering some quick personal info, visible only to the calendar creator, I was done.  I am excited to log on to see how well the word has spread that the family is in need and see who has stepped up to the plate.

A couple of years ago, my sister took on the task of organizing meals for a friend who had just given birth to twins.  Lacking information about this site or one similar, she went about it the old fashioned way by making phone calls and logging the dates when meals would be provided.  To her surprise there were some people asked that declined to assist.  Although I cannot judge another woman’s situation unless I am living it, my motto is “but for the grace of God go I.”  I am happy to cook, clean etc.  Up until now God has spared me from disability, prolonged illness or other incapacitation.  I love to cook and  knowing that I have met a need is very rewarding.


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