the saga continues

We didn’t go to dinner last evening as planned.  Instead Tom spent the evening shopping for and installing a new door knob for our bedroom.  As it turns out, I was unable to get into our room after work yesterday.  My son had attempted to pick the lock rendering it inoperable. I bluntly told him that I was unwilling to sit across from him at a restaurant pretending that I wasn’t angry and disappointed.

What is discouraging is the knowledge that this scenario will repeat itself many times over despite the natural consequences that result.  Michael and Patrick were looking forward to going out to dinner as much as E was.The entire family will continue to be subject to the ripple effect that the behavior and its consequences bring.

As my feelings of hopelessness and frustration peeked last evening, I googled boarding schools. I found one that looked ideal specializing in meeting the needs of children with emotional/behavioral disorders. The price tag?  $110,000 per year.  Reason #1 to start playing the lottery.


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