another day

As I sit her blogging I should instead be working on my paper titled Effective Interventions in Memory Care.  Instead I am procrastinating.  I have run out of steam a good 2 weeks prior to the end of the semester.  I am wiped out from our 4 day trip to Omaha for Thanksgiving.  Though we escaped most of the bad weather by using an alternate route, the drive down still had a disconcerting element to it.  A child that wakes at the crack of dawn in a toddler- like fashion didn’t help matters much.

Regardless of my fatigue the time spent with family was priceless.  I was able to bond again with my 4 year old god-daughter, MaryKate.   Her mom said that she had just broken her of using the word “huh?”  instead of “excuse me” when called.  That must be a piece of MN speak  that rubbed off on her during my last visit.   At least she wasn’t saying “Uff-Da!”  The weekend was capped off with a wonderful dinner out compliments of my mother-in-law. Oh, and did I mention that we got through the entire trip without Patrick puking.  This is how we measure success!!

Speaking of puking, I was driving Patrick’s friend home from wrestling practice last Monday afternoon.  The 13 year old boy had mentioned that he did not practice because he had a stomach ache.  About a mile from his home, he began to expel some pretty heavy sighs from the back seat. At one point I almost joked by saying “if you need to puke, let me know.”  I bet you know what happened next.  Yup, all over the floor and the seat in front of him.  He kept apologizing and I felt bad for him, but Christ, really a 13 year old that doesn’t know when he is about to puke? I spent the evening cleaning out the van as best I could in the dark driveway. The next morning the light of day illuminated how poorly I had accomplished the task.

My lunch hour was spent purchasing cleaning supplies and finishing the job.  Between the Clorox fabric cleaner and the Febreeze, the van was much better.  There were only a few complaints from the kids on the ride down to Omaha.  I think it had more to do with the mild Febreeze mixed with fast food smells from our road trip eating habits.  What really amazed me was that the child’s parent never called to say “thanks for giving my sick kid a ride home.  I am so sorry that he messed up your van.”  I think the situation warranted notice on the part of his parent or parents anyway.  But I digress.

I have no pictures to show for the trip due to an “accident” (insert child’s name here) with our digital camera.  I could have camped out all night at Walmart to get a door busting deal on  a new one, however, my sleep is worth a great deal more than I could possibly have saved.  I will be doing my Christmas shopping as always after finals week.  I usually spend the first half of December in denial so this year will be no different.

I am already planning our 2nd annual New Year’s Eve party.  I am hoping for another successful event. This year I will follow through with the luminaries that I had envisioned for last year.  I also plan to be a bit more creative with my appetizers.  Three buck Chuck should help to keep my liquor budget within reason.  Last year I had a couple bottles of wine and a 12 pak of beer.  Our friends are not big drinkers which I appreciate.  One of the reasons that we started our own party tradition was the alcohol consumption prevalent at the party that we had attended for the past 7-8 years.  Great people, but I really don’t want my kids around drunk adults, though I can’t do much about the neighborhood drunks that come out of the wood work in the Spring.

That about wraps up this post.  I need to “re-connect,” (therapist speak for make nice), with my son who has been banished to his room for hitting his older brother and calling him a “bitch” and other lovely words.  A slap on the back of the head from me threw him into a rage which culminated in a large whole in his bedroom wall and a very sore hand.  I should really know better, but once my Mama Bear adrenaline gets going I have a hard time not reacting to his really hateful behavior directed at his brothers.  Well we live and learn and at least I have given him more material for his next therapy session, compliments of all you taxpayers.

Happy Advent to you all.


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