ramblings on adoption, teenagers and more

To say that the last couple of weeks have been difficult would be an understatement.  My extreme parenting skills have been tested ten fold. Therapy sessions, though productive,  seemed to have unleashed a wave of emotion that we were not expecting.  Each day seems to bring a new conflict.  The walls as well as our psyches are suffering.

On a more positive note, the agency that we enlisted to fill the personal care attendant hours for our son finally found a staff person. The guy was out to the house last week with his supervisor.  I was hoping for a young adult that my son could relate to.  Instead they sent a 40, ish guy that raised my creep radar pretty high.  My knee jerk reaction was “why are you a PCA at your age?  Couldn’t you get a real job?”  Tom will have an opportunity to meet the gentleman on Tuesday and I am anxious to get his reaction.  Tom has an ability that most people lack to see through people’s facades.  He has Lino Lakes Correctional Facility to thank for that.  For those who don’t know us personally, he is an employee, not a resident.

All three of my children are in the same school system for the first time ever.  It is great to only have to keep track of one calendar.  Tom and I struggled with the decision to educate our children outside of a private school setting.  Things are going well for the most part, however, our oldest is not performing to his academic potential. I understand that our son could fail at  a private school as easily as at the public HS, but it doesn’t make me feel any better about it.  Tom and I find ourselves struggling to find incentives that will motivate him.  Accolades from his parents and teachers don’t seem to have a strong enough effect.  The school is so large that the teachers are less likely to call a poorly performing student out.  I will be sending an email to the Biology teacher asking her to meet with my son.  He needs to hear the speech from someone besides his dad and I.

This semester for me has been less than thrilling.  I am not terribly spellbound by the subject matter in either of my classes.  I am trying to stay focused on the end result.  I am in the midst of writing a paper that is not coming easily.  I don’t know how these other students that I know can turn out a paper in a weekend. I tend to write a few paragraphs and then walk away.  A minimum of two weeks is needed for me to put out a paper that I can feel good about.

My passport is being processed as we speak.  I am so excited for Cancun I can’t stand it.  We have the care for our kids all lined up. Each will be in a different home for the five days that we will be gone.  Divide and conquer is the method behind our madness.  I am somewhat nervous about the safety issues going on over there, but my sister assured me that she would spend years looking for me in the jungles if I disappeared.  I need to review our financials, wills etc to put my mind at ease so I can get on the plane knowing that everything is in place in the event that we plummet to the ground.

On that positive note I will end this post.  Hoping to write more often in the future.




One thought on “ramblings on adoption, teenagers and more

  1. Mary….I’m so sorry to hear you guys are having such a tough time. Sounds like to me you are doing everything that can be done right now. Cancun is going to be wonderful for you. BTW……….Dinner was absolutely fab. Thank-you so much for your time and effort. I wish we could have visited but I was out cold. Hoping to see you soon. Hoping to drive within next 2 wks. We’ll see. You and Tom should hang in there. You are both wonderful parents. I have always thought that. Hope we talk soon.


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