I almost can’t believe that in 5 short months, Tom and I will be in Cancun Mexico.  It is really surreal to me.  I have the hotel website bookmarked so I can visit it often.  I am so excited.  Tom and I never go anywhere alone together, let alone another country.  We opted not to tie ourselves down with an all inclusive resort.  Instead we will be free to roam the streets of Cancun eating wherever and whenever we choose.  I was recently out with a couple of girlfriends, both of which cautioned me against choosing Cancun as a destination.  Both thought it was pretty gritty.  Given that I live in the hood, I’m sure I’ll  feel right at home.

I have sat and listened to my friends describe their exotic vacations with girlfriends and husbands, always convincing myself that I’m just not a traveler.  Secretly, I have always wanted to feel carefree enough to drop a few grand on a trip and just have the time of my life.  Now that we have bitten the bullet and paid for our  trip, I can’t get there fast enough.

My dearest sisters will be responsible for our 3 children while we are gone.  I didn’t really stop to think about the logistics of that plan until recently. Somehow, they will need to get 3 kids to and from 3 different schools for 3 days. Michael will be able to walk without a problem, however, the other two will need to be driven. I figure that if things get bad enough, they can shuffle them between their houses without too much of a problem.  I am thinking that I had better bring back some great souvenirs for them.


One thought on “cancun

  1. I am jealous- I think you and Tom will have a great time in Cancun! Raising three boys… you both definitely deserve an exotic escape!

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