We attended the Irish fair tonight on St. Paul’s Harriet Island.  What initially looked like a gamble weather wise turned into a beautiful evening.  We enjoyed watching the Irish dance troupe that my nieces perform in.  Michael thought it was pretty cool when they danced to a Metallica song.

We wandered around looking at all things Irish including a demonstration of sheep herding and lots of merchandise being hocked.  I was so happy that I left my money at home.  Tom did buy a lovely sterling silver ring and E also picked up some bling with his lawn mowing money.

The most enjoyable aspect of the night was that we were all together and everyone got  along, relatively speaking. Although, there was some minor grumbling along the way, E seemed to genuinely enjoy himself.  As we pulled into the driveway tonight he said “thank you, I had a good time.”  Such a simple phrase illuminated a light at the end of a very long tunnel  in our experience as a family.

As was predictable the harmony only lasted to the back door and then it was business as usual with E verbally disparaging each of his brothers in response to perceived slights or attacks.  When the verbal conflict is running high it is easy to forget the moments of gratitude expressed.  Although they come infrequently, they do come.


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