BB guns n more

Ask me how many BBs I picked up today?  Red ones, orange ones and some made out of metal.  The vac that I use on my hardwood and tile floors does not have a strong enough suction to pick them up, so they roll around the floor until I get down on my hands and knees and pick them up.  Well today I am liberated of BBs.  The guns and the BBs are now locked in my bedroom (see previous post.)  Neither Michael nor Patrick will be using their guns without supervision.  I have had it.

E has been working with wires and batteries again.  No he is not making a bomb, but rather he began to experiment yesterday with a tiny radio that Patrick had given him.  Since he does not have any headphones, he cut the wires and connected them to a larger speaker.  Wala!!!  sound!!  Patrick was very impressed.  He stated “why is E in special ed when he can do that?”  I reminded Patrick that E’s brain works differently than his, but it still works beautifully.  I may have to lock up the small appliances now.

Tom continues on his solo bike trek through Montana, Wyoming and South Dakota.  I have definitely felt the stress of solo parenting, but can say that it is going pretty well.  My sister, Betty, took E and Patrick for the afternoon.  I will pick them up around dinner time, we will go out to eat and then on to visit my dad at ECH.  Monday afternoon will be here before I know it, Tom will be back,  and the family will once again function as it was intended to.

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