home sweet home

There is a saying that a man’s home should be his castle.  For me, home should be my sanctuary.  In real life my home is buttoned up tighter than Fort Knox.  As many of you already know my son has a “taking problem.”  Due to his difficulty controlling his impulses with an overlay of  “If I want it I should be able to have it” attitude, we have everything locked down tight. It seems a simple enough solution to the problem, however, it is a pain in the ass.

I am so tired of getting all the way up to my bedroom door before I remember I need a key to get in.  We recently purchased a $200 cabinet to store Tom’s misc power tools, wrenches and flammable materials such as oil and solvents.  Unfortunately, the door had enough give in it to allow a hand to slide down the opening and unhook a latch.  My son gained access.  His response when confronted about his behavior was a smugly delivered  “If you gave me a key I wouldn’t have to break in.”  Seriously, I couldn’t make this shit up.

So it is tonight that I found myself going into the basement cabinet to get the cookies for dessert, only to find the cabinet has long ago been damaged enough to render the padlock useless.  Why did rubbermaid even bother with  holes for a padlock when they could be so easily ripped through?

I hate  that I will spend the next five years of my life locking up all those things that are vulnerable to being taken, broken or misused.  The professionals have all told us not to expect this “taking problem” to go away anytime soon if ever.  The other boys have locks on their doors as well, however, it is easy to get lazy and forget to lock them.  Unfortunately, we have all had to learn the hard way not to make that mistake too often.

I’m heading upstairs to watch tv.  This time I’ll remember my keys.


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