conflict avoider

I hate to admit this, but I ignored a call from Patrick’s school this morning.  I simply did not  have the energy that it would have taken to verbally justify my decision to the principal.  She did not bother to leave a message, instead sending me an email.  The content of the email was a detailed run down of the staff she had hired this summer and their qualifications. She stated that they would be eliminating two of the multi-grade classrooms due to the hiring of a 7th grade homeroom teacher.  She expressed that she had put much money into improving the junior high curriculum.  IThe email didn’t have a real ending but instead left me with a run-off sentence…

I sympathize greatly with the principal.  She has worked herself to the bone to keep that school running, and for that I commend her.  Updating current school families on her efforts this summer may have gone a long way in instilling confidence among parents.  In the end it boils down to the fact that no one wants to answer the ultimate question of  “how small is too small?”   Do we close the school when we get to 80 kids, or 70 or 60?  At some point reduced enrollment diminishes academic competition and social opportunities for students.

As parents, Tom and I wanted to be proactive versus waiting for the other shoe to drop.

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