is it labor day yet?

The day was going so well up until about 1:30pm.  Michael called me to report that E had not gone to day camp as scheduled.  I assumed he was having too much fun running around the neighborhood on his bike to be bothered with authority figures.  I figured  that I would deal with it when I returned home from work.

About 2:00pm Michael called again.  This time it was to tell me that “something happened.” That something was Patrick falling off of a friend’s porch roof.  By the grace of God, Patrick walked away with scrapes and bruises.  I left work immediately and arrived at the neighbors house to find Patrick sitting in a chair and Michael beside himself with regret.  At some point Michael really thought that there was no harm in Patrick climbing out of a second story window onto a roof.  This is how a 15 year old brain works, yet we try them as adults.

Once home I sent Patrick to the shower and sat down with Michael.  I assured him that although he made a thoughtless decision, he was not the first 15 yr old to do so.  I implored him to think before he acts and to utilize my approval as the litmus test for decision making.  If mom wouldn’t say yes, then don’t do it.  I think that I commented back in June about my sanity being at risk.  I feel even more strongly about that now.

Unfortunately for E, my adrenaline was still pumping with a steady force when I encountered him walking through the neighborhood with a friend.  I stopped the van and told him to get in.  I was immediately met with push back and attitude when I asked him why he did not go to day camp.  At that point he went off about his bike being stolen and Michael not being at home.  As it turns out he was in a neighbor’s garage (are you seeing a pattern here?) when some kids approached and started hassling E and his friend.  One of the kids pushed E and took his bike.  The friend’s dad called the police.  The police drove around the neighborhood with E in the car in an attempt to catch the kid.  At no time did it occur to E to go home and call me at work.  What makes sense for a neuro-typical brain does not occur to a child with his kind of brain damage. This is why we have so many power struggles and misunderstandings.

Long story short the bike has been returned and E is pissed that he is grounded.  He would only have been grounded for the remainder of the afternoon had he not gone and insulted me and my parenting skills in the colorful language that he has grown so fond of recently.  I was actually planning a post today regarding the dilemmas of school choice, but I really don’t have the energy at this point.

I have a really cold beer waiting in the fridge for me.

P.S.  My previous post entitled entitled “better life through chemistry” was written prematurely.  The 3 day new medication honeymoon is over.


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