windshield replacement

The latest technology in automobile windshields has turned the chore of arranging for a replacement into a huge hassle.  The windshield on our Kia Sendona mysteriously broke.  You all know there is a story there, however, I am honoring the confidentiality of the alleged perpetrator.  Last evening I overheard Tom talking with the glass company.  He was being asked if our windshield had a rain sensor or a self-adjusting rear view mirror.

This morning at 7:30 I received a call from the glass company and they proceeded to ask me the same questions that Tom had answered last evening.  The technician was telling me that all 4 windshield possibilities had a rain sensor.  I guess automobile engineers must think that drivers are too busy texting, eating and applying makeup to adjust the speed of our windshield wipers to keep up with the amount of rain falling.  Who knew that it was even an option to have the windshield sense the amount of rain and adjust the speed of the wipers accordingly.  Really are we too busy to take care of that ourselves?  No wonder, cars are so expensive.  They have too damn many computers operating too many options.

Also, some cars have rearview mirrors that self-adjust to dim the lights of vehicles behind you.  Really?  Can’t our ingenuity be used for a greater good than this? Are we too lazy to reach up and flip lever on the bottom of our mirrors now?  I can report that after 2 more phone calls bringing the total to 4, the job is done and the windshield is once again whole.  Ten years ago it took only one phone call.


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