too tired to primp

Yesterday I had two goals to accomplish. The first was to plant all of the lovely perennials that friends were kind enough to bestow upon me, and the second was to color my hair.  Back in the days of short hair coloring was a breeze.  It took 2 minutes max to apply the color to my hair and just about as long to rinse it out. Not true these days.

In my quest to save money I have been growing my hair out.  Although I enjoy the versatility of the looks that I can achieve, I find that I don’t have the damn energy that it takes.  Coloring has become especially burdensome.  Despite the work involved I met both of my objectives yesterday, and was thrilled when I looked in the mirror this morning without seeing grey roots staring back at me.  Now there is my nails.

I do a really cute pedi on myself.  I like to be fancy and use various types of stickers or rhinestones to embellish my large toenail.  It kills me to think that people pay $40 for a task that takes me 20 minutes to accomplish.  But gosh darn it is  nice to sit back and relax while someone else does all of the work.  My last paid for pedicure was about two years ago.  Prior to that it had been about 5.  Tonight as I stare at my toes contemplating dragging out the supplies still tired from the yard work yesterday, and having just finished mopping my kitchen floor  I am thinking that I might just be overdue for a professional’s handiwork.  It would be $40 well spent.

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