garage sale finds

Although for many bargain hunters garage sale season opened some time ago, last weekend was my first outing of the Summer.  I had read about a multi-family sale being hosted by a group of MN bloggers.  It was to be held beginning at 8am at the Highland Park Pavilion.  I got there right at the top of the hour, and was immediately disappointed at the lack of organization.  It was clear that many of the sellers had gotten a late start on organizing their wares.  Instead of having a separate table for each vendor, everything was mixed together in a hodge podge with  poorly defined bounderies.

That being said the deals were worth the fishing around that I had to do in order to find them. Below is a great little lamp that I managed to grab for $1.  I had been looking for a lamp to put on the homework counter in the kitchen and this just fit the bill.

great little lamp

The sweater below was a steal at .50 cents.  As you can see it goes perfect over a white tank.  I’ve already worn it two times.

In addition to the items above I picked up a book by Lorna Landvik, MN author and comedian.  The book is titled The Pine Tree Polka.  Set in MN it is the perfect summer read. Not a bad haul for a $2 and 20 minutes.   I am very much looking forward to what the rest of the season will bring me.  Anyone out there have a favorite garage sale find?

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