i’m back

I just returned from a multi-family garage sale hosted by a group of MN bloggers. I bought a sweater from Trish Van Pilsum, channel 9 investigative reporter. She is a fellow blogger, albeit a much more famous one.

When I compare my little blog to others I become envious. It takes me back to my freshman year in high school when I sat on the sidelines wishing I was one of the popular girls. These other women actually have followers that comment on their posts. Some bloggers sponsor contests, and feature paid for advertisements on their blogs. (My personal opinion on advertisements is that they are annoying and distracting.) It is obvious that they put no small amount of time and energy into their blogs, whereas I have let mine become stagnant. I have noticed that many of my fellow bloggers began blogging around a particular theme.

One gal decided to clear 500 lbs of clutter from her home. She documented her efforts in pictures and posts. As a result, many of her followers likely stumbled upon her blog just be googling the term de-clutter. So for me the question has become; do I want to continue my blog as an outlet for me and the few people who are actually interested in my sometimes funny, sometimes pitiful rants, or do I want to attract a wider audience by creating a theme around my blog.

Well it is certainly food for thought. Now that I am out of school for the Summer, I should have lots of time to ponder my blogs future.


2 thoughts on “i’m back

  1. I hope you continue with your blog. You, Tom and the boys are so family-oriented and it’s great to side on the sidelines and watch them grow up – albeit on the web – watch you continue with your studies, wait for the day you graduate, grow in your career. I don’t see you in person so this is such a wonderful way to stay connected. BTW, you are a great writer.

  2. I’m soooo glad you’re back!!!! Honestly. I like your writing style and even more enjoy your thoughts, rants and family stories.

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