book saga part 1

Since returning to school last Fall, I have been repeatedly amazed at the technological advances adopted by post-secondary educational institutions since I graduated in 1990.  Long lines at the Registrars office have been replaced by on-line registration. Imagine my delight at finding out that I could order my text books online also.    Anyway, last semester I ordered my books and had them delivered to my house by Fed Ex. I was impressed with the rapid turn around time and relished  the fact that I had saved myself from making two separate trips to campus.

In preparation for Spring semester, I once again went the online ordering and home delivery route.  Was I too lazy to make a trip to campus? Yes.  Am I still paying dearly for my laziness? Yes!  My order from St. Kates arrived within two days. The St. Thomas order? Not so much.  I am still waiting. At one point last week I realized that there must be some mixup. Several calls to the bookstore on Friday yielded the answer that the box had been delivered and placed on my porch. Even though I knew that to be false, I went home and double checked with both Tom and the boys to make sure that no one had brought in the box and put it somewhere for safe keeping.

Today I began the phone calls anew and found out to both my delight and horror that the box had been delivered to the wrong house on my block.  At no time during my 3 phone calls to St. Thomas customer service did they think to confirm the address with Fed Ex.  They only confirmed that a package had been delivered.  It seemed as though the service rep lacked any and all problem solving skills.  My initial calls to Fed Ex were unproductive until I finally received the correct confirmation number and asked specifically “which address was it delivered to?”

Upon getting this new info, I promptly left work to run home and check with my neighbors.  The house that it was delivered to is a sober house where several unrelated post-rehab individuals live. It turns out that they no longer have the package.  They gave it to the “house manager” to deal with.  I am now waiting for a call from her.  I am so impatient I think I’ll run back over there and get the phone number for the manager. I have almost $200 on the line and classes start on Wed.  I don’t have time to mess around.

P.S. There is now software that will write a bibliography for you.  I can’t even stand it!

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