widgi bound

My youngest son left today with his class to attend an environmental learning camp near Ely MN.  He does not return until Friday.  So far I am doing pretty well, in other words I have not gotten in my car to go get him yet.  I was proud of myself this morning when I was able to say goodbye and go off to work without crying.  Tom had the day off, so he was the one who had to see Patrick off.  Tom said that Patrick got teary eyed as he was boarding the bus.  Had I been there I would have totally lost it, and in fact think that my presence would undoubtedly have made it harder for Patrick.  According to Tom, there was more than one mom crying as the bus pulled away.

As far as school trips go our kids get to ride in style.  The school rents a tour bus complete with tvs and a bathroom.  I guess the days of taking a rickety school bus on road trips are over.  Nothing is too good for our children. Patrick has a history of motion sickness, however he  assured me that Linda, the school secretary, packs throw up bags.  She has learned over the years to be prepared.

He has a week packed with fun outdoor activities culminating in a sauna followed by a jump into a frozen lake.  Better him than me. Hopefully here in the Twin Cities  the weather will stay mild, because Patrick is in possession of every pair of wool socks  that we own.

Here on the home front his brother is taking his lack of a sparring partner out on me.  The child has been becoming increasingly nasty and generally unpleasant to be around lately.  Tonight is no exception, however the intensity seems a bit ramped up.  Patrick and his brother fight constantly.  The absence of the fighting was the only silver lining that I could attribute  to his departure.  Now it seems as though the unpleasantness will continue in a different form.

As for his brother, he has become obsessed with Teck Decks.  For those of you unfamiliar with the term, they are  miniature skateboards.  Children have figured out how to do tricks with the boards using their fingers.  On You Tube there are multiple videos that show only the board and two hands.  My son is constantly watching them in an attempt to replicate the moves.

He has even created  mini skateboard parks using various materials including cardboard, rolls of tape, broken wire hangers and various other pieces of junk.  While I should be applauding his creativity and engineering skills all I can focus on is the mess that has been left in every room of the house.  If he used one area to create that would be one thing, but he moves from counter to kitchen table to basement floor leaving behind scraps of the above stated materials. If the child was neat in every other sense I could look past this phase.  For it to will pass just as Yugi Oh and hot wheels cars did.  Unfortunately, the child has always been messy and this just exacerbates the problem.

If anyone has a way to reign in kids and their stuff let me know before my house is overrun.

P.S. Tom finally bought a pad lock for a cabinet in our basement.  I can now sleep soundly knowing my coveted 3M tape products are safe.

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