social networking got me in trouble

I have maintained this harmless little blog for over one year now.  I have become a loyal follower of other blogs and when a particular topic interests me I will often submit a comment.  My son was surfing the internet at school and happened to google his name followed by the word  “home.”  What came up was a link to a comment I had made anonymously on someone else’s blog.  I had shared a cute story about my son’s school picture.  Well did I hear about it when I got home.  How dare I share “his business” with other people.  Tom’s immediate response was defensive.  His attitude is don’t do anything that you are ashamed of others knowing about.  I on the other hand felt the need to apologize, admit that I had made a mistake and assure him that I would no longer mention him by name on my blog.

Seriously, do kids really think that their parents don’t talk about them?  My kid’s behavior is so outrageous that it is only through talking about it that I stay sane.  What children don’t understand is that they ultimately benefit from being talked about.  If I didn’t have other  moms to give me perspective and honestly tell me when I am overreacting I would have my children locked in their rooms for the duration of their childhood.

And really the stories are screaming to be told.  For instance, my nameless son asked me if the school had called me earlier in the day.  Now when my son’s school calls it is never to tell me that he has won an award.  It usually means that I am taking a PTO day as punishment for something that he has done to get himself suspended.  Well long story short he reported that a seventh grade girl had kissed him in the hallway earlier that day.  When asked, he was unable to name the girl.  I was told that the name started with a “T” and how was he supposed to remember. I delighted in telling him that if he was going to have girls kissing him in the hallway he had better learn their names. He was told by a teacher not to let it happen again due to the school rule against touching of any kind.  By my son’s account the girl had not sought his permission prior to kissing him.

Just for the record I will continue to share my personal stories as a parent including particulars about my children. I will, however, respect their anonymity and refrain from using their names.  For the readers of this blog that know me personally don’t let on to my kids that you know the dirt ok?

P.S. I am happy to share my children’s triumphs in addition to their trials, however, the more angst their behavior causes me the more print space it gets.  If you want to read a feel good story this is not the blog for you.


2 thoughts on “social networking got me in trouble

  1. Couldn’t agree with you more on the free therapy talking to other moms provide. Not only does it help, you know you’re not alone and there is always worse….

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