a year in review

It seems amazing to me that the year is coming to a close.  There have been a number of firsts for our family this year.  Our oldest started high school. For the first time since beginning kindergarten he travels farther than 4 blocks to school.  I have never before had to worry about bus drop off and pick up times before this year and I don’t like it one bit.  Our son is really enjoying his experience so far.  The academic standards are vigorous and the Jesuit influence prominent.  The best part is that the price is right.

The end of 2009 will bring me 3 W2 forms.  I started a new job today as a Resident Services Coordinator and Community Liaison for a local memory care residence.  This new position will allow me to work M-F at the same location!  I will no longer have to mentally consider the day of the week when I put my van in drive each morning, for I will always be headed in the same direction, a mere 2 miles from my home. Although I will miss my previous  co-workers I am excited to begin a new adventure.  Did I mention my office is quite lovely and private?

What family can live without a good Psychotherapist?  Not ours and thus we have begun to see someone to help us through the trials of raising a child with complex issues.  She seems to have a way with E and is also supportive of the challenges that Tom and I face.  We are holding out hope that this time will be the charm.

We plan to round out the year with a New Year’s Eve gathering at our house. Although, we have regularly attended a neighbors party for the past 7 or so years we wanted to begin our own tradition.  More fun and fewer drunk adults is my goal for the night.  Although I work during the day, my goal is to turn out some decorations and a simple spread of food prior to the 7pm start time.  Add in a quick trip to Aldi and the liquor store and I should be good to go.

Happy New Year!!!


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