In three weeks I will have successfully completed my first semester of graduate school.  So far the anticipatory anxiety has proved to be far worse than the real deal.  I was fortunate to have gotten two of the most laid back instructors in the program.  Their teaching philosophy is less about the product and more about the process which translates to less work for me. Gotta love it.

A certain child of mine has had a tough time keeping it together at school over the past few weeks.  He was suspended from school tomorrow due to an incident that happened today, let’s just say that he retained some information from family life class with regards to how to contract STD’s and felt the need to communicate it.  The incident in and of itself was not suspension worthy, however, it seems to have been the last straw, thus the day off. The kicker is that he was not going to attend school tomorrow anyway as we are heading out of town.  My response was “finally the stars are aligning in my favor. I don’t have to take a day off work.”  Well the school wants him to be suspended for an alternate day since he was not planning on  attending tomorrow.    Give me a break.  If they really want to punish this kid and not his parents they’ll take him out of the elective class in which he is having all of the problems.  That would of course be way too logical of a response so instead I will get to use yet another 8 PTO hours to sit at home. Thankfully my other two children are doing great at school which frees up all of my extra time to deal with their brother.

We are heading over the river (Missouri) and through the woods (the pines of Southern MN) tomorrow to spend Thanksgiving with Tom’s family.  I am actually looking forward to the trip.  I spent part of my day off today cleaning out the van because I refuse to start a road trip with a dirty vehicle.  Four nights in a hotel should give me plenty of free WI FI time to finish the rough draft of my final paper.  Sounds like we will be getting in some girl time at the mall and later that night some adult time when we go out to dinner with Tom’s mom, sibs and spouses.  When we get home I’ll have to make all the foods that I missed at the Coyle Thanksgiving.  There’s just something wrong about canned cranberries on the big day.

One of these days I will wise up enough to take the day after we get back off of work so I can catch up on my rest.

Happy Thanksgiving to anyone who happens to read this little blog of mine.


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