job update

I had my interview last week at BCBS.  I left the interview thinking there was no way that I would take the job if offered to me.  Today I am not so sure.  I did not have a great day at work Friday.  I can’t bear think of spending two more years doing what I am currently doing. So I have begun to weigh the pros/cons.

The downside is that there would be a fair amount of travel throughout Washington, Anoka and Chisago counties. I hate commuting and have always gone out of my way to avoid applying for jobs located more than 15 minutes from home.  There is also the fact that it is 40 hours per week.  I have not worked full time since Patrick was born.  I know that once I begin FT work it would be difficult to go back to PT.  I also need to complete a 20 hour per week internship during my third year of school. It would be a huge challenge to try and make that type of schedule work while also completing my research thesis.

The upside is that I would office out of my home.  That would allow for flexibility around school schedules, orthodontist appts etc.  The money is also considerably better. I could justify a GPS system for my van.

At the time of my interview, the Supervisor was not yet sure if she would do second interview or hire based on the initial interview. As much as I dislike job interviews, in this particular situation I think it would be helpful in getting a clearer picture of the day to day aspects of the job.  Right now I’m waiting for either an offer from HR or a invitation for a second interview.  After all of this angst it would be ironic if the call I received was a “thanks for applying but” call. Time will tell.


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