checking in

I have not posted to my blog since I started school.  I think my devotion to FB has really impacted my devotion to blogging.  I am also doing a great deal of writing for my classes which makes me less inclined to want to write for pleasure.  But I am back so here goes.

A friend of mine who works for BCBS sent me a job posting yesterday for a full time social work position.  I applied on a whim even though I am really not interested in working full time.  Well it turns out that it pays 15,000 more per year than I would make if I worked my current job full time.  Wow, I had to read the salary twice to believe it.  All of a sudden I am seeing dollar signs and wondering if I could pull off working full time while going to grad school.

There is another issue to consider, and that is that my oldest son is attending a private high school that has an income cap.  If I took this job he would not be able to continue there.  The school is  a great fit for him and he absolutely loves it.  The crazy thing is that I have not even been called for an interview, yet I sit here weighing the pros and cons as though there is an offer on the table.  Greed is an unpleasant vice to have.

On to one of my pet peeves:  school fundraisers.   School officially started on 9/8/09 and we have been asked to sell the following: frozen pizza and misc other confections for Patrick’s Winter camping trip to Widgi, Christmas wreaths, Patrick’s school again, Christmas wreaths, BoyScouts, Poinsetta plants, Emondre’s school and finally Blue Sky Guide( a “green” happenings book), Emondre’s school.  Seriously, do any of these individual sources factor in multiple siblings and multiple schools when they choose these fundraisers.  Patrick sold a fair amount of frozen food. A high percentage goes to offset the parent portion of the trip fee so there was a great incentive for us.  As far as the rest of them go, just send me a bill.  I have no intention asking my children to go out and peddle overpriced goods to our families and neighbors who all have their own kids.

The saving grace is that Michael’s school does not hold fundraisers.  How civilized!!!!


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