back to the grind

School starts in two days.  Without looking at the date I know that there is change in the air.  The children are bouncing off of the walls like  balls in a pinball machine.  The full moon has definitely contributed to the chaos and energy that has permeated our household for the past 3 days.  For the unbelievers who are skeptical about the moons ability to influence  human behavior  they  need only to ask the staff at the local ER or mental health unit.  Chances are that they will hear a few stories.  Adding to the normal stress that early September brings is that my classes also begin this week.  I am trying to deal with the kid’s stress without allowing my own anxiety about school to get to me.

A big change for us this year is that we have made the decision to purchase school lunch daily.  I believe that the money spent on food for lunches made at home is roughly equal to the price of daily school lunches.  Michael pays nothing for breakfast and lunch at Cristo Rey.  He raves about the food that he has been served so far.  Emondre tends to eat whatever his friends eat.  Patrick the pickier of the three can always eat from the salad bar if he doesn’t care for the entree of the day.

The big savings will be in my time and energy.  I have enough trouble making my lunch which has to include morning and afternoon snacks. I hated making sandwiches every morning.  More times than not I would find the same sandwiches that I had made in the morning back in the  backpacks at the end of the day.  Emondre doesn’t care for lunch meat which made it particularely difficult to please him.  Michael was a mayonaise vs mustard guy and Patrick was a mustard or Ranch dressing guy.

Another effort to simply things involved organizing the kitchen office.  The kids were always going into my desk drawers and taking pen, paper clips, tape etc.  They now have their own drawer that is stocked with all of the necessary tools that they will need to complete homework.  So far they have remembered to keep their hand out of my drawer.

Here’s to simpler days ahead.


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