be careful what you wish for

I’ll preface this post by reminding my readers as well as myself that I love my children.  Do I like them is another question entirely.  Because of a  two week gap between the end of day camp and the first day of school I took time off from work this week and next.  My sister did the same so that we could share the burden, I mean joy, of caring for each others children.  I was so looking forward to the 4 and 5 day long weekends ahead of me.  The funny thing is,  I forgot to factor in the children.  Now these are not infants or toddlers I am talking about but rather they range in age between 11 and 13.  Theoretically they should be able to stay home by themselves, however, with my children there is potential risk to life and home if they are alone together for extended periods of time ( more than 5 minutes.)

So I find myself stuck at home with 4 children.  If I had a dime for the number of times I have heard “shut up” I could retire.  Then there is the classic but not original “you better watch it or I’m going to mess you up.”  I shouldn’t be complaining because in between playing referee and jail keeper I was able to finish reading the book To Kill a Mockingbird, a classic that was never assigned reading for me while I was in school.

I have also had the opportunity to purchase text books on line and stay up to date on my FB friend’s lives.  Gladly the moments of peace and joy have outnumbered the times during which I’ve had one foot off the ledge.  With that in mind, I should pick up a couple more library books to get me through next week.

2 thoughts on “be careful what you wish for

  1. I’m with you, Mary! Wouldn’t it have been much funner if we could have both taken time off and enjoyed our children together? Like old times:(

    Nice new format on your blog – like the colors!

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