free at last

Tomorrow Tom, Michael and E leave for Tomahawk.  For those of you who are not aquainted with the social cult known as The Boys Scouts of America, Tomahawk is the annual Summer camping experience.  When I say “free at last” I am referring to the freedom from the daily Summer routine that has already become old.  I can sleep a bit later, as I don’t need to drop E off at day camp.  There will be no pressure to provide nutritious meals for Patrick and myself.  Taco Bell is already calling our name.  Most of all I’m looking forward to having the computer and tv to myself.  Patrick will be sent upstairs to watch the little tv.  Usually, Each night as I am trying to enjoy my daily dose of Keith Olberman or the nightly news Michael is eyeing me sideways just waiting for me to retire  so he can watch the Simpsons or God knows what else.   I’m so excited I just might stay tuned for Rachel Maddow following Keith.

On another note I am looking forward to attending my 25th HS reunion tomorrow night.  I have enjoyed the preview of my classmates via Facebook of which I am a fairly new subscriber.  But I am really looking forward to talking with them as well as friends that I have not kept in as close touch with as I wish I had.  The setting will be casual  sans obnoxious 80’s band, which should be a lot more condusive to conversation than the venue chosen for our 20th gathering.

Now the question is what to wear.  I hate to admit the amount of mental energy that has already been devoted to this question.  The suggested dress is casual.  I know what that means for men, however,  for women it is less clear.  To play it safe, I’m planning on going with capri jeans and dressy shoes.  I’m thinking I’m pretty much covered that way.  If nothing else this outing will force me to complete the much overdo task of coloring my 43yr old gray hair.


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