the flu

It was only a matter of time before I would feel the need to vent about the “sky is falling”  mentality that is surrounding the latest pandemic scare.  Don’t people realize that they are at greater risk of dying while driving to work than by contracting the flu.  I have always been of the mentality that when your number is up, your number is up.  Not much that any of us can do about it.  Life is a crapshoot.  

Never the less, sick people annoy me, not because what they have has the potential to kill me but because I believe the acts of  coughing, sneezing and nose blowing should be confined to public bathrooms and personal homes, not stores and waiting rooms.  Today while I was waiting in the doctors office with my son, there was an older lady in the waiting room coughing up a lung.  First she proceeded to blow what I’m sure was a pint of nasel secretions from her nose over a five minute period of time.  Then she went on to cough incessently for the 15 minutes that she waited for the provider to call her back.  If anyone was in need of a facemask it was this lady.   It was all I could do to stop myself from walking over and suggesting that she should have stayed home.  I might add that she was not waiting to be seen by a medical doctor, in other words she had no business being out in public.

Will I avoid people with obvious flu symptoms?  Of course, to do otherwise would be foolish, however, I am not going to avoid crowds or shopping malls to protect myself.  And God help me if my any of my children’s schools close over one case of an elevated temp because I will be fit to be tied.  One last thing, I have alway been a fanatic about hand washing and that will never change.  I feel the need to sanitize right now.


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