I’m at work today but not working.  The  Electronic Medical Records system is down at the clinic where I work.  I cannot access patient records or contact information and since most of my work  is done by telephone I am stuck. 

The computer geeks are hard at work trying to fix the problem but there is no projected time that we will be up and running again.  Ironically, I didn’t sign up to volunteer at my kid’s school carnival today because I don’t have the work time to spare.  So here I sit doing nothing when I could be putting in required volunteer hours.

On a positive note, I took an early lunch and accomplished the following in one hour:  picked up a Rx and dropped it off at the pharmacy, dropped off Emondre’s Summer camp registration, stopped at school to threaten Patrick (more on that in a later post), filled the van with gas and dropped off a pair of pants at the tailor for replacement zipper.  Pretty damn productive if I do say so myself.  Regarding the zipper, the clerk told me that it would be $16.  As she looked at the zipper more closely, she told me that it could be repaired for $7, not bad eh?  I bought the pants at Marshalls new so even the $16 would have been ok.  I love the pants and didn’t want to write them off.

If I didn’t have my Summer vacation planned already I would be working on that now.  I might have to find something else to do.


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