I’ve been having problems with my ears of late.  At my annual physical this past December, my MD commented on how impacted my ears were and suggested that I allow  the nurse to flush them out.  I declined, not wanting to spend the extra time or experience anymore discomfort than I already had that afternoon.   Although I had on occasion experienced plugging in my left ear, it always went away.  Well upon returning from Florida I have been consistently bothered by clogged ears and feeling like I wasn’t hearing as well as usual.  My head has felt like it weighed 100 lbs. 

My discomfort was finally bad enough that today I relented and went in for an ear flushing.  (You can all be thankful that I don’t have a camera phone because I was so amazed by the material that came out of my ears I would have taken a photo and been tempted to post it here.)   Forty minutes later I realized that not only had I not been hearing as well, I had not been hearing at all.  It is amazing.  I never knew what I was missing.  As soon as both ears were clear, I could hear the rustle of kleenex and the ticking of the clock.  When I got into my van to go home I was almost deafened by the volume of the radio.  I heard the rear seat belts jiggling and a sound as though one of the windows or doors was open.  The sound of the keyboard as I type is louder than I have ever experienced.

At this point I find myself wondering just how long it has been since my ears have functioned they way they were designed to.  I wish I could explain in terms others could understand what an amazing change I am experiencing.  As I speak my voice is loud and echoing.  Now I understand why Emondre cringes at the sound of my voice.  I can only hope that this experience will cause me to never again take my senses for granted.

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