mouse update

As I mentioned in a previous post, we had a mouse problem that had grown out of control.  I called American Pest Solutions a couple of weeks ago to come out and analyze the problem.  Forty-five minutes and $159 later, the man had identified the likely entry points at the base of our foundation and layed several bait boxes both inside and outside of the house. 

Tom was not willing to pay this guy to plug the cracks in the foundation, a decision I agreed with.  So with a bit of steel wool, Tom completed the job and in doing so  hopefully prevented any more mice from gaining access in the future.  We are now left with the problem of our current mouse population eating the poison and meeting their demise somewhere in the walls or other places inaccessible to us.  How do I know this?  The smell!!!!  I have had a vanilla candle burning all day in the kitchen in an effort to mask the smell of dead rodent.

This has been going on all week.  The room of the house varies but the smell is the same.  How long does it take mice to die anyway.  The mouse man comes back in May to check the bait boxes and assess if the problem persists or is resolved.  Patrick told me that he heard scratching coming from his bedroom ceiling last night.  I’m about ready to get a kitten.

Up until now we have been gratefully untouched by the downturn in the economy.  Other than noticing some price increases, we have been able to go about our business as usual.   Our luck may be about to change.  Governor Pawlenty is proposing that state of MN employees take 24 unpaid days off per year over the next two years.  If  his proposal is approved, Tom would likely be one of those affected.  I understand that most industries have taken a hit and many people have lost jobs or been forced to take a cut in salary.  I just always assumed that state employees enjoyed greater job security than those in the private sector.

The timing couldn’t be worse as I ready myself to return to school and in the process incur student loan debt.  Is this the best time to be taking on more debt?  Will my graduate degree result in enough of a salary increase in the long term to off set the short term debt. 

I realize that I don’t have the answers to these questions and that I need to put it in God’s hands.  And so I will do just that.


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