mice and more

I was cleaning today and happened to move my favorite chair in order to vacuum underneath it.  What I found was a smattering of mouse turds.  I tipped the chair over and discovered that the underlayer of material had been chewed through.  I’m sure there was a host of cracker crumbs on which the mice have been feeding for God only knows how long.  This is personal now.  This is the chair in which I read, knit and nap.  My personal space has been invaded.

When Tom arrived home I promptly showed him the damage and informed him that the morning after I return from Florida I will be making an appt with an exterminator.  I have tried over the past few months to be a good sport in the face of the invasion.  I even chuckled watching the dogs fly snout first into the baseboards in the kitchen trying to catch one of the elusive creatures but enough is enough.   The website I visited said that two mice can procreate up to 200 offspring within a 2 month period of time.  Is it possible that I have that many?  I shudder to think of the possibilities.

The other issue creating a thorn in our sides is the roof.  We had our roof replaced, tear off fashion, in the Fall of 2004.  Since that time we have called the roofers out 3x to address leaking, uneven shingles and problems with the roofing underlayment.  Earlier this week, Tom noticed a new water mark on the ceiling in the upstairs hallway.  Previous to this we had taken photos of the water stains and outlined them in pencil in an effort to prove that the roof is still sustaining water damage.  Unfortunately the pics were lost from our hard drive, however, the pencil outline clearly shows that the water mark has expanded. 

We won’t be happy until the roofing company agrees to completely redo the job.  Today they had a guy in our attic and he noted frost on the underside of the wood as well as older wood that looks wet.  The owners of the company are out of town.  When they return Tom is going to insist on a sit down.  Our next call will be to the Pioneer Press watchdog column to try and get some action on our behalf.

Four days until Florida!!!!!  I opted not to go through with the spray on tan.  I’m  going  with the Neutrogena spray and hoping  for the best.  My list of must have items from Walmart is getting longer and includes flip flops and lots of sunscreen.  I ordered two pairs of glasses last week including  one that has transitions lenses.  I have my fingers crossed that they will come in by Tuesday.  Watch for pics next week.


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