this and that

I’m waiting for my chicken to come out of the oven.  Earlier when I was thawing it I noticed a foamy substance seeping from the chicken breasts.  I always buy the boneless, skinless breasts that are in the frozen section.  I know that they are injected with broth which is what makes them so juicy, however, a foamy substance gives me pause.  Do I feed it to my family and hope for the best or bring it back to the store?

I decided to risk it.  So far so good!!  Is anything safe to eat anymore?  I have always maintained that life is a crapshoot.  If something is going to get you there is very little that can be done to prevent it.  Some will get hit by a passing car and others will meet their demise as a result of tainted alfalfa sprouts.  My belief that the big events in our lives are preordained helps to take some of the stress out of my life.  That being said, I still believe that we can alter how we feel on a day to day basis and our general health but the rest is up to God. 

Speaking of general health, I believe that my exercise regimen is finally paying off.  I have noticed a significant decrease in my headaches over the past 2-3 weeks.  On a few occasions I have felt a headache coming on but it never developed into a full blown one.  I guess those Docs know what they are talking about after all.

Coming soon, to air brush tan before Florida or not that is my lastest dilemma.  I know I live a charmed life.


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